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F2P purchases with TP

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1F2P purchases with TP Empty F2P purchases with TP on Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:32 am

Hello All,

This message is about the purchases I see as worth buying as a F2P / Premium account and I hope my insights will help those considering what to do with all that farmed TP. I am basing my purchases on what my characters need to level with quest packs, and what skirmishes and instances these purchases unlock so that I can better enjoy the grouping opportunities with my kinmates.

Evendim 595 TP : Best way to level from the 34-42 stretch and all the quests are very fun to play through. As a bonus, the quest pack comes with 8 instances, four of which unlock at lvl 40 and can scale up to lvl 75. When GB gets so repetitive that I want to cut myself, I think these will be a great addition. I haven't tried the instances yet, but I hope they are as engaging as GB.

Forochel 595 TP: While this desolate wasteland doesn't include any instances, it looks to be a great way to make the run from lvl 44-52. Even though some of the quests are boring, and the place is VERY dreary at night, it seems like a good pick because you can solo the whole way through it, with only a handful of fellowship quests.

Skirmish Bundle: Either 1000TP or 1275TP, depending on your pick. This purchase seems expensive, but when you consider they try to sell skirms for 400tp a piece, the price tag seems reasonable. I am hoping this will be cheaper for their black friday sale. I think the skirmishes might be my favorite part of the game, so I'll probably try to buy both packs.

Altogether these add up to 2400-2600 TP. If you farm TP like I do with all my characters, it can be done. It's a lot easier if you unlock a few slots. I unlocked 3 extra by purchasing Moria in the brick and mortar store, and it gave me a free month of VIP as well.


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2F2P purchases with TP Empty Re: F2P purchases with TP on Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:17 pm

Joshen wrote:If you farm TP like I do with all my characters, it can be done.

Don't forget about deeding night, which is every Thursday evening. Please help your kinmates complete slayer deeds so they can unlock the regions Joshen has so kindly recommended. I will be on call this coming Thursday, if anyone needs help.

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